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Transform Your Procurement to Win the Supply Chain Game

A highly configurable, integrable and extensible framework to digitalize spend, vendor and bid management end-to-end

Manage Your Work Easily

Description about E-Procurement framework

Cost Optimization

Dissociated Landscapes

Jun - Sep 2023

Vendor Management

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  • Feature + Value 1

  • Feature + Value 2

  • Feature + Value 3

Bid Management

  • Feature + Value 1

  • Feature + Value 2

  • Feature + Value 3

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Cost Optimization

Make unprecedented savings and cost optimization at a low Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO)

Vendor Management

Know your vendor better and rapidly adapt to market dynamics. You'll get to streamline your their onboarding process, consolidate database in a single source of truth, and constantly evaluate their performances.

Bid Management

By having a standardized process to manage multiple bids at the same time, you can more efficiently initiate, launch, evaluate, and close bids.

Not only that, you can also configure bid evaluation criteria to proactively manage procurement risk and automate compliance checks to meet business needs. 

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