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Patient Registration Management System

Accelerated the UAE's leading healthcare authority's digital transformation journey by providing a solution to automate, streamline, and simplify its patient registration process. 


  • In the wake of the Covid-19 breakout, there was a dire need for the patients from the UAE to register themselves for Covid-19 Vaccination and PCR test.


  • In the past, these business processes and workflow upstreams were primarily conducted manually via paper-based forms and emails, which is tedious, time-consuming, and costly.


  • The Patient Management System is a platform for the residents in the UAE to register for Covid-19 Vaccination, and for the client to manage the PCR test registration process.

  • The solution also provides a singular ecosystem to the client's patients in the UAE to have the access for their respective medical data from its medical lab repository.

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  • Reduced the time taken to complete the registration process by scale, from approximately 30 minutes to less than 5 minutes. This has completely eliminated the needs to queue up at the clinic and fill out lengthy documents (up to 10 pages) by hand.

  • Enabled proper SLAs by sending SMS notification as a reminder to each patient, 30 minutes before their appointment. This process is automated through 'SMS gateway' as a service, which was integrated with Joget by means of a plugin.

  • Instead of spending an average of 6 months to build an application through its internal team, Joget has effectively enabled rapid application development with integration and data migration from the client's internal database. Within 4 weeks, the application was developed and launched.

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