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Strategic Transformation Partner

Implementation of key initiatives in business and technology along with providing leadership support to the organization

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Key initiatives in business and technology were implemented along with providing leadership support to the organization.

Instead of the traditional SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) methodology, Joget, an Open Source, Low-Code and cost effective platform was sourced to carry out the development and implementation.


The Benefit Mappings & Management System, Catalog Management System, and several other internal/external applications were built on Joget. Various critical business processes were also integrated with third-party and internal mainframe legacy applications.

With Joget as a futuristic platform, Mokxa led the Enterprise Technology transformation as a strategic engagement and delivery partner, laid out the 3 year Enterprise Technology Roadmap that includes security fortification, platform consolidation, and outsourcing strategies.

The EDP (Eyewear DIspensing Program) has delivered enterprise portals that enabled new Lab models projected to save over $100 million in 5 years.

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