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Cybersecurity Solutions

Making Cybersecurity Management Easier For Your Business


Are Your Big Cyber-Investments Truly Securing Critical Assets And Systems From Threats?

Mokxa Cybersecurity Solutions Can Help Enterprises To


Optimize Security Processes


Improve decision making with clear visualization & Intelligence


Achieve better management of security risks


From Chaos to Control

Mokxa AI-driven security accelerators enable enterprises to tackle operational challenges heads-on through better integration and automation.

Vulnerability Management Framework

Seamlessly manage vulnerability data, identify critical risks, and track remediation, in order to improve security posture for the enterprises.

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Risk Management Framework

Improve security governance with better risk management and compliance. Automated assessments and validated controls reduce 60% operation cost, cut 50% delays. 

Identity & Access Management

Secure user data and effectively manage access to critical information.

Security Management

Protect enterprise assets against risk by implementing the right controls, incident response, and continuity plan. 

Cloud Security

Address internal and external threats to cloud based systems and applications


The Mokxa Cybersecurity Advantage

Simple, Modern, Actionable,
and Cost Effective

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Cutting-Edge Tech

Experience AI-driven solutions at the speed of thought to fortify your security with swift and accurate decision making

Flexible Integrations

Sync with any cybersecurity software via API/connectors. Not many companies can easily plug in new products with existing tech while maintaining legacy operations

Dedicated Support

Enjoy uninterrupted cyber-protection. You can count on our managed services for peace of mind across your business


Let Us Improve The Value Of Your Cyber Investments

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