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Engage with members in real time when it matters the most to them

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Health Engage helps you engage with the members when healthcare is at the top of their mind.


Know when they are getting Healthcare


Keep accurate provider data, correcting any discrepancies through crowd-sourcing


Show that you care by enabling touchless, automatic check in

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Checking Blood Pressure

Engage the members at the point of care when they need you the most. Seamless engagement between provider, member and the payer.

Health Engage helps you educate your members and facilitate a differentiated experience for them at the point of care. Your meaningful engagement at the right time helps you with member retention and gets you accurate provider data.

Seamless Value Added Engagement

Health Engage fits into the healthcare value chain seamlessly integrating with the current process and architecture across payers, providers and members.


Touchless and automatic check-in feature speeds up the process and helps prevent exposure to infection.

Engage at the Right Moment

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Engage with personalized content as the members wait.

Cleaner Data and Coordination

Crowdsource provider addresses and keep it clean. Notify care coordinators. Check eligibility in real time. Alert providers of medication adherence data - opportunities are endless! 

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