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Sparks of Innovation - Mokxa & Joget Sponsored The 'RNS Hack_Overflow' Hackathon For RNS Institute of Technology, India

Along with Joget, we took great pride for being the 'Galactic Sponsor' behind the recent hackathon at RNS Institute of Technology, India. The event underscored the synergy of teamwork and innovations, as 260+ bright minds from esteemed colleges across India converged to address real-world challenges. With a can-do bent of mind, they produced 50 project submissions in just 24 hours, leveraging low-code/no-code, AI/ML & Web3 technologies. Our warmest congratulations go out to the winners and participants for their exceptional efforts. We also extend our gratitude to all the industry mentors, dedicated judges, and our esteemed partner (Joget) for their invaluable support. This event stood as a beacon of inspiration and continuous learning, highlighting the positive change that technology can bring for the community. Here's to a future where innovation is boundless and the spirit of creative problem-solving thrives!

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Enterprise SAP Assessment & Last-mile Integration - For One of The World's Leading Indian Textile Conglomerate

We, Mokxa, conducted an SAP S/4 HANA 360° Digital Assessment for a $3B+ Indian textile company to support their mission - modernizing ERP systems and go beyond SAP for Industry 4.0 digital transformation. Through plants visits, stakeholders interviews, goals elicitations and executive consultations, we assessed the 'Data-Process-System' aspects across 6 SAP modules, involving 11 Key Functions, 23 Master Data & 100 Biz Processes. We dove deep for root cause analysis, analyzing transaction data, master data, compliance metrics, dashboards, and corporate governance of the client's business. In 6 weeks, our holistic assessment approach helped the client to uncover $230MM of financial reporting impacts, with 400+ fixes to improve 100 biz processes across 5 biz lines. With a focus on Single Version of Truth, real & transparent data, seamless integrations and improved user adoption, Mokxa delivered a transformation roadmap rooted in Industry 4.0 best practices, covering 4 strategic tracks of SAP Rejuvenation, Management Cockpit & Digital Portal Solutions for the client. Read the case study to learn more about this.


Happy Go-Live for Allied Benefit Systems: Modernizing Rate Sheets Management with Mokxa & Joget, Leaving Spreadsheets Behind 

Mokxa collaborated with Allied Benefit Systems (the US largest third-party insurance administrator) to modernize their 'Rate Sheets Management Process' in 6 weeks. They previously relied heavily on spreadsheets for data entries, analytics, and visualization to create detailed financial sheets for distributing funds to healthcare sub-entities (premiums, broker commissions, admin fees, etc). However, this approach lacked traceability, versioning, and is inefficient. Built on low-code Joget with optimal resource utilization, the solution helped them to simplify their financial & analytical tasks related to premium distributions, automating financial data entries and invoice creations at the same time. Complex finance formulas and policies were integrated into the solution to ensure compliance and data integrity. The solution liberated Allied from their reliance on spreadsheets, leading to a record-breaking 10x faster 'Rate Sheets' creation end-to-end. Other features of the solution include robust version controls, role-based access, executive dashboards, etc. Discover the full story of this solution in the case study.

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Our First 'Mokxa Day' - An Annual Celebration In The Story of Mokxa Technologies

On May 5th, we celebrated Mokxa Day - an annual occasion honoring Mokxa and its community. We reminisced on our milestones over the decade since our inception in 2013, and shared our future goals and aspirations. From our global headquarters in Maryland, USA, we kicked off the 'One Mokxa' event - centered around the spirit of togetherness. Our teams from different parts of the world joined the celebration and drew inspiration from our founders, leaders and fellow Mokxus mentors. We had a lot of fun over games, prize giveaways (for competitions like Mokxathon & the Mokxa tagline competition), and artistic expressions by our diverse group of singers, musicians, artists and writers. Following this, teams from the USA, Canada, the UAE, India and Malaysia gathered in person - bonded, shared anecdotes, and had fun-filled gatherings embracing the One Mokxa spirit. With memories etched and aspirations kindled, we set off into another decade of evolution and achievements, while thriving the Mokxa spirit within us as we journey forward. Visit our blog to learn more about Mokxa Day.

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