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MEA Business Roundtable: Inspiring Tech Innovations and Success Stories

The 2023 MEA Business Roundtable brought together business leaders for a series of thought-provoking discussions on the latest technologies, thought processes and innovations in creating game-changing solutions. We presented some of the most successful case studies along with our clients, where they showcased how emerging tech like ERP integrations, AI/ML, IoT, low-code/no-code (Joget) development, etc. helped their organizations to digitally transform. Through the strategic employment of technical resources and bold business approaches, they have harnessed the power of these technologies to transform their IT infrastructure, streamline business processes, improve customer engagement, and accelerate business growth while minimizing the overall cost of ownership. Additionally, Parminder Sethi, our CEO, also shared Mokxa's visionary roadmap during the event. He highlighted Mokxa's continued commitment on delivering peace of mind to clients through hybrid thinking and simple, scalable, innovative business solutions. If you want to learn more about how we can help you transform and simplify your enterprise IT, get in touch with us for a use case demo of your business needs.

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Multi-Tenant Learning Management Portal For The US Military Department

Mokxa engaged with one of the US military department's technology vendor to digitize the military's learning management processes, trainings, and development programs across departments. These activities include curating training programs, scheduling sessions, tracking progress, capturing learning outcomes, certifications etc. Built on Joget, the solution is a centralized multi-tenant learning management portal that enabled program administrators, trainers, and trainees to handle 100,000+ training instances per month, with the ability to scale to millions in the future. Over 35,000 users now rely on the solution as a one-stop portal for their daily operations without needing to switch between different technologies and manual workflows. The solution is also mobile-friendly and offline-enabled for trainers who are always on-the-move, allowing them to instantly update trainees' performances and results from remote locations. Other highlights of this solution include UI-based record management, military-specific security standards compliant, Single Sign-On capability (Keycloak), and more. Read the case study to learn more about this.

E-Procurement Framework for Supply Chain Excellence: Webinar Takeaways With Joget and Generali Real Estate

In partnership with Joget, we held a webinar that discusses how enterprises can harness the power of Mokxa's E-Procurement framework to drive business success and maximize the procurement performance in their supply chain. We addressed the typical supply chain pitfalls and provided insights into the latest technologies and approaches adopted by top performing CPOs to stay ahead of the curve. During the webinar, we also showcased the prowess of the low-code based framework in helping businesses to effectively analyze their spend, streamline vendor onboarding and management, as well as optimize the overall bid management process. Our esteemed client - Christophe Savery, IT Manager at Generali Real Estate also shared how a global top 10 insurer went digital with Mokxa and Joget to transform their vendor validation and certification process 10x faster than their initial estimates. If you would like to explore more about using the E-Procurement framework to achieve supply chain excellence for your business, get in contact with us.

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Building Unlimited Dimensional Students: Sony's Visionary Leadership at ATMIYA, Texas, United States

We're thrilled to share the inspiring story of Sony Somarouthu, our senior solution architect. She is one of the visionary Directors of 'ATMIYA', a non-profit organization aiming to touch the lives of children from 5000+ families through educational programs that educate, enrich, empower, and elevate young minds. With boundless passion, Sony leads the 'Building Unlimited Dimensional Students (B.U.D.S) program at 'ATMIYA', mentoring youth of all ages, organizing motivational talks and providing support in their academics and career pathways. Sony also facilitated the certification process to get 'ATMIYA' qualified for the 'Presidential Volunteer Service Awards' that will enable the philanthropic efforts of their volunteers be recognized by the US President Office. We, at Mokxa, are incredibly proud of Sony's remarkable journey and commitment to making a positive impact in the community. Keep shining bright, Sony!

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