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Group Health Insurance Client Onboarding Application


  • Client onboarding is the core business process for Allied Benefit Systems to add new customers to their biggest line of business. This process is crucial for them to establish a strong first impression on its clients, which in turn builds sustainable relationships.


  • In the past, the onboarding process was managed manually through technologies like spreadsheets, emails, and local databases, which resulted in operational inefficiency, information silos, human errors, limited traceability, etc.


Upon conducting a detailed process assessment and root-cause analysis to determine the underlying business challenges, we developed and deployed a business solution for Allied Benefit Systems within 3 months - a fully automated end-to-end Client Onboarding platform. Built on Joget, the platform enables them to: 

  • Create a single system of record that integrates seamlessly with their critical IT systems like Enterprise Data Warehouse and Active Directory integration.


  • ​​Build a UI Based Record Management System that allows business users to initiate, track, update, and close the onboarding process.


  • Enable supporting functions like the ability to create new products and services, add/modify business rules, view reports/dashboards, user access management, etc.


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  • The onboarding platform automated over 10 business processes through 25 user screens. It empowers business users to take charge of their business activities by practically eliminating their dependency on technical expertise.

  • Right in the time for the high volume client intake during the yearly open enrollment season, the application has onboarded close to 2,000 groups within a span of 6 weeks since it has been live.

  • The solution is projected to bring a 50% productivity improvement across the customer onboarding process for Allied Benefit Systems, with an overall 27% ROI.

  • Other highlights of the solution includes digitized forms, automated business activities, integrated business rules, and orchestrated workflows. Allied Benefit Systems now has modularity to audit and make changes to all of the 'group customers' processed.


  • Monitoring, executive oversight and reporting is also established for SLA governance. This empowers them to take immediate actions to highlight delays, monitor execution timeframe, manage escalation matrix, etc., thereby impacting the high priority action items instantly. 

Allied Benefit Systems
Allied Benefit Systems - Client Onboarding Application Dashboard
Client Intake Forms built using low-code/no-code platform - Joget

"Intrigued and impressed as an organization around the customization capabilities, speed to build, and overall support resources for planning, development, UAT, and ongoing enhancements, our technical and executive teams quickly bought in after seeing the success and benefits of the Joget applications delivered by Mokxa."

Allison Swisher
Vice President, Operations @ Allied Benefit Systems, LLC, USA.

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