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One of the World's Leading Textile Conglomerate in India

Enterprise Digital Assessment & SAP Last-Mile Integration For Industry 4.0

Key Takeaways


Analyzed Txn. Data, Master Data, Process & Statutory Compliance, Dashboards, Corporate Governance


SAP S/4 HANA 360° Diagnosis Framework against 20+ CEO Metrics


400+ recommendations for 5 Biz Lines. Uncovered $230MM financial reporting impacts


Assessed Data-Process-System for 6 SAP Modules (11 Key Functions, 23 Master Data, 100 Biz Processes)


Transformation Roadmap with 4 tracks of strategic SAP Rejuvenation, Management Cockpit & Digital Portal Solutions


  • Project governance is a business process in which new business cases are requested, reviewed, and evaluated in order to determine whether Allied Benefit would like to initiate a project based on the business impact it would have.


  • This process includes submitting new intakes, requesting multi-level approvals from management based on the projects' size, and going through several rounds of internal reviews before it is approved and registered into its system - Azure DevOps.

  • In the past, this business process was managed manually using technologies like spreadsheets and emails, which resulted in operational inefficiencies, information silos, human errors, limited project oversight, etc.


Leveraging agile methodology, one Mokxa developer collaborated with key stakeholders at all levels from Allied Benefit to deliver the Project Governance Application within 4 weeks. Built on Joget, the solution is a single source of truth for Allied Benefit to: 

  • Focus on effective communication, collaboration and iterative development for teams dealing with complex and dynamic projects at Allied Benefit

  • ​​Provide a framework to prioritize and manage projects based on their strategic value, resource requirements, risk factors and align them with business goals


  • Integrate with the existing business systems, ensuring the overall project approval, resource allocation, and other governance process are seamlessly automated and consistently maintained across departments

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  • Provision of a 360° view on new project intakes that captures key performance indices through dashboards and reports. This enables stakeholders to better manage resource allocations and prioritize initiatives that add the greatest value to their business.

  • Provided a no-code two-way API integration with the Azure DevOps in one environment - Joget. This ensures Allied Benefit's users are seamlessly aligned with their business needs and objectives through a unified user experience.

  • Automated processes like built-in business rules, templatized forms and consolidated data lists reduced the likelihood of human errors. This allows Allied Benefit to free up their team to focus on the creative aspects of project management and easily scale.

  • Optimized risk management. The application also provides visibility into project risks and issues, proactively triggers any concerns that allow project managers to create contingency plans, mitigate perceived risks, and avoid potential delays/cost overruns.

  • Other highlights of the solution includes a streamlined review and approval workflow, audit trails visibility and notifications, as well as a standardized governance process implemented across all projects at Allied Benefit.  

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