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Industry: Manufacturing  |   Document Builder Solution

Business Process Automation Portal for Operational Excellence on Low-Code

Key Takeaways

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Paper-free digital transformation across departments


Easy supplier registration with vendor self-service

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User-friendly portal on mobile and desktop with custom UI and branding.

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Trained in-house team for Joget development to scale easily and handle more use cases.

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Quick & accurate creation of customer’s profile

Simplified expenses claims with automated finance calculation.​

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  • Founded in 1991, the client is a leading bakery products manufacturer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.

  • In order to stay competitive with modernized operations, they actively pursuit digital transformation to make their business operations more efficient.

  • Some of the challenges include cumbersome processes for customer/supplier profiles, heavy reliance on spreadsheets, costly data maintenance and more.


With a goal to streamline operation workflows and drive innovation, Mokxa worked with the client to:

  • Build a business process automation portal with various applications, covering their supply chain, sales, and operations. All applications are mobile and desktop friendly.


  • Trained and developed an in-house team of Joget professionals to continuously build new apps for various use cases, ensuring consistent alignment with business needs.

  • Adopted a forward-thinking approach, as the client planned to expand Joget integration with legacy systems for a well-connected enterprise ecosystem.


  • Streamlined customers' profile creation by enabling salespeople to register customers on the portal, designate them to specific departments for reviews, and obtain approvals in days.

  • Delivered a self-service 'Supplier Creation App' for accelerated vendor onboarding and accurate record-keeping, seamlessly synced with Oracle ERP.


  • Simplified travel expenses management with automated calculations, ensuring compliance.

  • 'Recruitment Requisition App' drove quicker and more efficient hiring. Department managers can easily request new hires, align recruitment with budget and seamlessly escalate them for CEO approval as needed. 

  • Developed a 'Salesman Transfer App' for hassle-free asset ownership transfers on a centralized portal.

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