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Industry: Manufacturing |  Theme: SAP Assessment

Enterprise Digital Assessment & SAP Last-mile Integration For Industry 4.0

Key Takeaways


Analyzed Txn. Data, Master Data, Process & Statutory Compliance, Dashboards, Corporate Governance


SAP S/4 HANA 360° Diagnosis Framework against 20+ CEO Metrics


400+ recommendations for 5 Biz Lines. Uncovered $230MM financial reporting impacts


Assessed Data-Process-System for 6 SAP Modules (11 Key Functions, 23 Master Data, 100 Biz Processes)


Transformation Roadmap with 4 tracks of strategic SAP Rejuvenation, Management Cockpit & Digital Portal Solutions


  • The client is a $3B+ Indian conglomerate dominating the home textiles, yarn, paper & chemical, and energy sectors. Operating across 3 manufacturing sites with 20+ plants in India, they are one of the world's leading home textiles exporters to 150+ countries.

  • In pursuit of digital transformation for Industry 4.0, they faced several challenges that impeded their ability to maximize the capabilities of the utilization of their legacy systems:

  • Missing single version of truth (SVOT).

  • Inexistence of automated data quality checks and validations leading to flawed business insights, operational inefficiencies, and poor supply chain.

  • No real-time data visibility and transparency leading to the generation of unreliable business and financial reports.

  • Poor user adoption and resistance to change holding back the implementation and use of a seamless SAP system upgrade.

  • Rampant and unauthorized data manipulation due to the lack of Service-level Agreements (SLAs), access controls & editing rights, and governance.


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  • Performed end-to-end assessment in 6 weeks, across various SAPs modules through on-site visits, executives meetings, as well as an in-depth root cause analysis utilizing a '360° CEO Diagnosis Framework' against 20+ business functions & scenarios.

  • Benchmarked analysis approaches against Industry 4.0 best practices. We developed transformation strategies to address the challenges, incorporating:

    • Single version of truth

    • Seamless integration

    • Real & transparent data

    • Improved user adoption

    • Change management techniques

  • Delivered a roadmap with recommended actions & timelines. We outlined the actionable fixes & best practices, including implementing new SAP capabilities - to adopt 4 tracks of strategic SAP Rejuvenation, Management Cockpit & Digital Portal Solutions


We recommended 4 business solutions that focus on delivering 'total experience' for the client around their customers, employees, users, and technologies.

  • SAP Rejuvenation & Modernization Covering Data, Systems, People and Processes

    • Validate business gaps, implement fixes, and establish a robust monitoring to constantly evaluate system's health.

    • Prioritize user adoption for real-time business processes, compliance & reliable Management Information System (MIS) reports.

  • Business Process Monitoring with 12 KPIs Identified

    • Oversee and govern business processes by configuring the system to generate alerts for timely actions when parameters exceed thresholds. The client will gain control over key business aspects through SLAs like overdue production orders, billing delays, vendor payments, etc.

  • Customer 360 Portal

    • Provide a user-friendly customer portal integrated with SAP, to improve business engagements with customers.

    • The solution streamlines customer registrations and empowers customers to effortlessly manage their accounts, track orders, access transactions, and more.

  • Vendor Management Portal (E-Procurement)

    • Deliver a solution enabling vendors to seamlessly interact with procurement & supply chain. This simplifies registration of active vendors in the existing SAP system, validating finance statuses while ensuring statutory compliance at the same time.

    • Other features include bid & PO management, reporting, advanced analytics, and more.

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