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Mokxa Day 2023 - ‘One Mokxa: The Power of Togetherness’

The Inception Of Mokxa

In 2013, we started a company and we did not have to wrack our brains to name it. The mission was always very simple. Create solutions that work for our customers, and make their lives simpler while doing so:

FREEDOM from the agony of obtaining a solution; FREEDOM to focus on what’s important to them.

The vision was very clear too. Have fun while doing it.

Be FREE in imagining and creating; FREE to explore and stand by our convictions as we make and meet commitments.

The idea was FREEDOM for all - from all perceived constraints. The sentiment was ‘Excelsior’ for ‘ever upwards’, or ‘even higher’. The name was MOKXA - in essence of the Sanskrit word ‘Moksha’ which signifies the ultimate liberation.

A Glimpse Of These 10 Years

Fast forward 10 years, we have evolved. Yes we faltered and stumbled, but we always stood back up while staying true to our values.

Our team expanded across the globe, from our global headquarters in the USA to Canada, the UK, the UAE, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia! And we have always aspired to celebrate a day that signifies everything in what Mokxa stands for.

Fast Forward to Mokxa Day

May 5th, 2023 commemorates the first Mokxa day - an event that will be an annual affair in the story of Mokxa. A day where we celebrate Mokxus, their talents, their achievements; our clients, and our mini miracles. We look back at everything we have achieved, how we can do better as we build our muscle memories, and where we are heading next.

As a global company, our hybrid teams are spread across the world. We started off bright and early at our home based in Maryland, the United States, to kick off the festivities with our One Mokxa event - centered around the spirit of togetherness.

Folks joined the Mokxa Day celebration from their neck of the woods. It was a delightful mix of inspiration and joy as we gathered, heard and got inspired from our founders, leaders and many Mokxus mentors.

We played fun games and gave away lots of exciting prizes. Some of these were impromptu, the others (like Mokxathon and the Mokxa tagline competition) were planned in advance. We have a creative bunch of singers, musicians, artists and writers. We shared and reveled in their creations, and we saw how we Mokxus have been achieving our Mokxa.

Mokxa Day Spectacular: Uniting at the ‘One Mokxa’ Event

The US, Canada, Middle East, India and Malaysia teams met in person over the next couple of days to break bread, share stories and celebrate in our unique styles.

Envisioning Our Future: Living The Mokxa Spirit

With contented hearts and aspirations afloat, we set off into another year of #FindingYourMokxa; another decade of evolution and achievements. Our values remain as our north star, driving us ahead of our journey.

The Mokxa pledge
The Mokxa Pledge

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