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Finding Our Mokxa Through Service

by: Padmanabha Bhatta(PSB).

We congratulate the Katalyst India team for the fabulous work they have been doing to elevate and transform high-potential and needy young women in India to lead change in their professional and personal spheres.

Whether it is through Joget's Tech for Humanity program or by offering over a dozen internships for the Katalysts during the pandemic when opportunities were hard to come by or in ongoing assistance, we have found purpose in supporting the Katalyst India organization.

Each of the committed and ever-enthusiastic Katalyst student I have come across, personifies and is a testimony to the inspiration infused by the passionate Katalyst team members and the dedicated mentors.

We congratulate Katalyst India on the success of their annual "Unconventional" convention last week and on the release of Katalyst Yearbook 2020. The quality of the convention and the yearbook is the embodiment of the quality work that Katalyst is going throughout of the year in transforming the psyche and the lives of deserving Katalysts all over India.

We are proud to be supporting Katalyst India's mission and to be part of this worthy cause. We wish the very best to the Katalyst team, to all the students and to the alumnae.

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