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Tech Breakfast [CyberConnex]: Part 2 of a 2-Part Report

From Insights to Actions: Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges for SMBs through Automation

Embarking on Part 2 of our 2-part cybersecurity saga, the Mokxa, CAMI, and Advantage Technology panel shed light on actionable strategies and innovative automations with Maryland's cybersecurity community. 

What improvements can we bring to address these cyber challenges for both end clients and service providers?

Whether you're SMBs seeking digital resilience or a service provider aspiring to innovate your offerings, we hope the insights presented herein help you improve your security posture. 

No jargon, just practical hands-on strategies to beef up your digital defense.

For regular security end-clients, here’re some strategies to fortify your defense:

For regular security end-clients, here’re some strategies

  • Explore value-driven security vendors to work with and consider cyber insurance for a proactive defense against potential threats.

  • Even small teams can benefit from security automation to implement proactive defense mechanisms - using tools like Automated Patch Management System, Vulnerability Management Framework, and more.

  • Align cybersecurity investments and financial resources with available benefits and tax incentives (such as the one offered by the U.S. State of Maryland)

  • Take ownership with low-code/no-code tools like Joget for cost-effective, scalable security solutions. Collaborate with implementation partners like Mokxa to co-create company-specific security solutions 

  • Sign up with Managed Service Providers and offload the complex part of your cybersecurity management to them. This allows you to focus on core business operations.

And here are some recommended best practices benefiting service providers:

Values for enterprises: How can automation help?

Efficiency through task automation

Automation removes inefficiencies tied to manual workflows. From certifying team access through robust access governance to provisioning for disconnected systems and managing vulnerabilities, automation streamlines repetitive tasks. Your company gets to free up staff for profit-driven business activities.

Advanced solutions with Bots and IoT integration

Harness AI/ML for enhanced security measures

Immediate response time and consistency

Conclusion: Securing Tomorrow, Today

“Building smart partnerships and keeping a sharp eye on the ever-changing threat landscape is key for everyone involved—security providers, businesses, and government entities.” said Krish Bhatnagar, Head of Cybersecurity at Mokxa Technologies.

Chris May, Security Solutions Director of Advantage Technology further added “It is important to proactively invest in cybersecurity to ensure resilience and business continuity.” 

Ignoring cyber threats is not an option – it has the potential to shut down businesses. Stay vigilant and collectively secure your digital future with the Mokxa team today.

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