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Mokxa 2022's Year-in Review

from the HR Desk:

It is rightly said that today’s #achievements are the stepping stones for future ones. We are thrilled to share our 2022 moments with you. Get to know Mokxa better with these highlights. We would especially like to thank you ALL for your endless support. Here is to the Mokxa community!

We Added NOTIFY and E-Procurement to Our

Product Offerings!

NOTIFY is a solution for asset tracking. Built on Joget and IoT technologies, NOTIFY traces your asset’s location and monitors their movement in real time. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this system was built for tracking physical contact of inmates in one of the most vulnerable facility setups of the nation - state prisons. Mokxa developed this product in partnership with RFID. We are proud to announce that Mokxa received the 'Rise to the Challenge' business innovation award from The Howard County, Maryland, in recognition of serving the community during Covid-19.

E-Procurement is a one-stop solution to manage your supply-chain. The web-based application helps businesses streamline and automate processes like bids and tenders, vendor management, and proposal evaluation. E-Procurement will help your business:

  1. Go Digital - Consolidate and track all business transactions through a single ecosystem.

  2. Stay Informed - Make effective decisions by analyzing bid records and vendor performances over time.

  3. Take Charge - Know your spend and maintain controls over your process statuses.

What Our Customers Say?

This 2022, we continue to grow in our mission to provide enterprise IT simplification and escalate business value across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We served many new clients across various industries. Here’s what a few of our clients say about their journey with Mokxa in 2022:

"Intrigued and impressed as an organization around the customization capabilities, speed to build, and overall support resources for planning, development, UAT, and ongoing enhancements, our technical and executive teams quickly bought in after seeing the success and benefits of the Joget applications delivered by Mokxa." - by Allison Swisher (Vice President, Operations) @ Allied Benefit Systems, LLC, USA. -

About the client: Allied Benefit Systems is a national healthcare solutions company that customizes self-insurance benefits for small-to-medium size organizations in the US. Mokxa supports Allied Benefit in their digital transformation journey by providing IT process assessment and consulting, business solutions delivery, and leadership support.

Dear Mokxa team, we are thankful for your contribution, hard work and commitment shown on the Go Live of the 'Property Management Application' in DAG Amazon Webservices Cloud. Great job done by the team. - by Narsimha Rao Dandala (Chief Technical Officer), Suman Saurabh Singh (Head) of Project, Mangesh Ghadigaonkar (Head of Infrastructure) @ Dubai Auto Gallery, LLC, the UAE. -

About the client: Dubai Auto Gallery (DAG) wanted to automate their business processes to manage properties owned by the group. Using Joget, Mokxa developed a ‘Property Management Application’ that allows DAG to manage their property details and transactions such as purchases, leases, rents, and taxes in a central place.

Using Joget, we have standardized the request management process to maximize operational efficiency and empower real-time collaboration for all business users within our organization. We've also collaborated with Mokxa, where they act as our virtual development team to get an application delivered into production within less than a month. Along with Joget, we consider Mokxa as a game-changer who enables us to make a difference on a daily basis. - by Christophe Savery (IT Manager) @ Generali Real Estate, France. -

About the client: Generali is one of the top 10 insurance and asset management providers in the world. Mokxa helped Generali to automate and transform some of their key processes like ‘Business Approval Management’ and ‘International Bank Account Number (IBAN) Change Validation Process.’ with no impact to their existing operational flows.

Transformation for Good - Our Philanthropy

The 'Mokxa Spirit' is to realize the fullest potential in all of our stakeholders. This is true for Mokxa in many ways. We aspire to harness the power of technology and innovation to underpin contemporary philanthropy, making a difference for our employees, clients, partners, and our community at large.

Katalyst India is an award-winning non-profit organization that stands for the economic empowerment of women. Their several initiatives prepare young women for leadership roles, thereby creating a wider talent pool to help bridge the gender divide. Mokxa has been Katalyst’s strategic partner supporting them in their endeavor. Heartfelt congratulations to Katalyst India on the success of their convention. Best wishes from Mokxa to the Katalyst team, to all the students and to the alumnae.

Mokxa Technologies is a proud sponsor of the Punjabi Chamber of Commerce (PCC) Global Gala 2022. It’s an event that celebrates PCC's members globally, and commemorates the remarkable efforts of businesses and entrepreneurs in the Punjabi community. Heartfelt congratulations to everyone at PCC on the success of the gala!

Mokxa is proud to be one of the event sponsors at the 2022 Healthy Drives Golf Tournament hosted by Johns Hopkins HealthCare. We support and share the community's mission of fundraising to support the United Way of Central Maryland in strengthening the lives of the families and communities throughout Central Maryland, USA.

We Continue to Uphold the Mokxa Philosophy in 2023

What drives and emanates from us? How is Mokxa a different and unique company?

At Mokxa, we make and meet commitments with a positive bent of mind. While always learning, innovating, and building new muscle memories - we deploy creative solutions through hybrid thinking and passionate execution. Relentlessly delivering within a 360-degree view of the problem is always our focus. We celebrate the mini miracles, spreading those contagious random acts of kindness. This is how we find and achieve our Mokxa. Excelsior !!

Happy New Year 2023 to all our employees, clients, partners, and stakeholders!

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