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Industry: Healthcare & Insurance  |  Theme: Legacy System Transformation

Allied Benefit Systems

Spreadsheet-free Modernization: Simplifying 'Rate Sheets' Management with low-code Joget

Key Takeaways

Break free from spreadsheets in 6 weeks

75% productivity boost. 10x faster Rate Sheets creation since live.

50% less work for data entries, calculations, and data analysis

Instant access to Exec Dashboards; View, approve, and download Rate Sheets On-the-fly

100% Rate Sheets transparency. Secured with version controls, role-based access and audit trails

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  • 'Rate Sheets' management is a workflow to generate detailed financial sheets to generate detailed financial sheets for funds distributions to healthcare sub-entities (like premiums, broker commissions, etc)

  • This requires the extensive use of spreadsheets (MS Excel) for various administrative & analytical tasks, such as data entry, performing calculation with formulas, data analytics, and more.

  • Despite maximizing the capabilities of spreadsheets, Allied Benefit Systems still faced significant limitations inherent to manual processes:

  • Inefficient data management

  • Cumbersome and error-prone administration tasks

  • Ineffective Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and deadline tracking.

  • No version controls & change management logs causing process breakdown

  • Lack of data-based analytics and decision support


  • Mokxa collaborated with citizen developers from Allied Benefit Systems to build a modernized 'Rate Sheets Management Solution', demonstrating optimal resource utilization for an innovative, cost effective business solution delivery in just six weeks.


  • Built on Joget, the solution simplifies business processes that are pertaining to the financial & analytical aspects of premiums distributions and management.

  • Complex financial formulas and policies are baked into the design, automating financial compliance, ensuring data integrity.


  • User friendly dashboards helped executives at Allied Benefit Systems to easily access meaningful data for effective analysis and decision-making.


  • Breaking free from spreadsheets, business users were able to instantly adopt the business solution to manage financial sheets, achieving a record-breaking 10x faster Rate Sheets creation.

  • 50% time savings for data entries through automated processes, templatized forms and customizable reports - freeing up the team to focus on creative tasks. 


  • Instant access to pending action items enabling key stakeholders to view, approve, and download Rate Sheets on-the-fly.


  • Reduced human errors through validation-checks that were in place, allowing Allied Benefit Systems to scale with lesser risks and fewer variables.

  • Enabled effective, secured cross department collaboration via version controls, role-based access, and change management with audit trails

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