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Breaking Boundaries: Low-Code Revolutionizing Agile Development

from Gurujot Singh, Mokxa Technologies

With rapidly evolving technologies and constantly shifting consumer needs, there is a pressing need for enterprises to digitally transform themselves to stay agile, responsive, and competitive. Digital transformation through conventional high-code solutions can be challenging. Too often, businesses struggle with insufficient resources, constrained timelines, and by the time they would develop a high-code solution, the environment shifts again.

Enter low-code development platforms! There is a plethora of low-code products emerging in the market to fill this gap. However, not all of them are created equal. There is a lack of documented guidelines on how to leverage the power of low-code to build solutions that actually work. Here is where Joget, an open-source low-code/no-code rapid application development platform, comes to the rescue!

Why Low-Code?

The advantages of Low-Code/No-Code in Digital Transformation

With IT backlogs increasing, innovation continues to be bottlenecked. Fortunately, with tools like Joget, this problem can be solved by empowering citizen developers to develop solutions with minimum needs of IT professionals. Source: Project Management Institute

Using drag and drop, Joget empowers non-IT users to rapidly develop business applications without the need for coding skills, empowering them to easily bring their idea to life without unnecessary complexity. And now, with the launch of Joget DX 8, there is an increased focus on User Experience (UX) and Governance, as non-technical professionals of diverse backgrounds and competencies increasingly embrace low-code platforms!

Enterprise Use Case For Allied Benefit Systems: Marrying Low-Code With Agile Methodology

Enterprises across various industries can benefit from using Joget to rapidly build solutions without compromising on their value creation and usability. In this blog, we explore the development and go-live of the ‘Project Governance Application' for Allied Benefit Systems, the largest third-party insurance administrator in the United States.

An agile development model modified to leverage low-code Joget was used to achieve this in under 4 weeks.

Agile Methodology for Rapid Application Development on low-code platform Joget
Breakdown of the Project Governance Application's development and deployment into individual sprints

The Problem

The client had a manual-intensive system to manage new project intake requests via emails and spreadsheets. The Project Governance Application was built to remedy this. Users can submit new intake requests, undertake necessary approvals, address T-Shirt sizing, and assign project criticality. The solution is also integrated with Allied's legacy system (Azure DevOps), where their projects are maintained after completing the request approval lifecycle. The result is a turnkey solution to seamlessly manage, govern and track all projects enterprise-wide.

Agile Methodology Phases: Planning, Design, Execute, Review, Iteration
5 phases of Agile Methodology that happen in each sprint of the Project Governance App development - collaboration between a single Mokxa developer with the Allied's team under 4 weeks.

Our Approach

Daily Status Calls - Productive or Inefficient?

Go-Live Under 30 Days

The Verdict

Using Joget in an agile environment made building the Project Governance Application a breeze. Working alongside Allied Benefit from finalizing requirements to adopting short daily sprints and reviews, ultimately led to the successful deployment of the solution by the Mokxa team in record-time.

This exemplifies the synergy between Joget's low-code platform and agile methodology, enabling rapid transformation of innovative business ideas into fully functional, value-driven enterprise applications. I hope this blog inspires you to try Joget on your next project!

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