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Championing Women Empowerment as Katalyst's Technology Partner

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The much awaited Katalyst 13th annual convention was held on August 19, 2023 at Resort Rio, Goa and the theme of the event was “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves” by Sir Edmund Hillary.

Our longstanding partnership with Katalyst since 2017 made it all the more special. We joined Katalyst in their convention, celebrating their journey and the significant strides they’ve made over the years.

Glimpses from the event:

Mokxa making a presence at the 13th Annual Convention of Katalyst India

This year, along with Joget, we jointly sponsored a half-page ad in their 2023 yearbook, showcasing our joint dedication to empowering women in every sphere.

Delivering Peace of Mind through simple, tech-enabled business solutions for the modern enterprises

Katalyst Program for Empowering Women for Equality in Opportunity and Leadership - A Digital Partnership with Mokxa

Harnessing low-code Joget, we worked with Katalyst to deliver a suite of apps that injected modern digitization into their student development program - in a cost effective manner. The result? A significant boost in the overall operational efficiency, benefiting 1500+ Katalyst users.

Our solution wove a digital orchestration over a handful of essential tasks, from training scheduling & attendance to record-keeping, sponsorships, etc. With human intervention minimized, Katalyst found freedom to center their focus on the core of student development.

Notably, we’ve recently collaborated with Katalyst to scale up their Joget portal to the latest DX 8 version. Working hand-in-hand as their technology partner, both teams ensured the upgrade was glitch-free with checks-and-balance in place for both the business and technical side of things at Katalyst.

The outcome? An improved user experience with enhanced portal governance, in line with Katalyst’s digital transformation goals.

Screen of an Application to Automate Training Attendance for Katalyst India
One of the solutions delivered - the Automated Training Attendance Tracking System

Read the case study to find out more about the solution.

Automated Training Attendance Tracking System - Joget-Mokxa Case Study
Download PDF • 994KB

Bridge to Success: Mokxa's Career Opportunities for the ‘Katalysts

At Mokxa, we extend opportunities to the gifted girls (aka the ‘Katalysts’) to kickstart their career and work together with us to deliver business solutions across various tech domains. We participated in their placement programs and welcomed some outstanding students into our fold.

Career opportunities for a Tech-enabled Business Solutions Company

All the best to the Katalyst’s team, and we wish them boundless growth and extraordinary success in the coming years!

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